Best places to visit in patan
One of the best hand-made textiles in the world, Patola sarees, are known for being produced in Patan, the former capital of Gujarat. This beautiful fabric is being weaved right here. One of the best hand-woven fabrics ever created is the patan patola.

Patola Patan

Patola Patan, Patan

Gujarat is known for its world famous double ikat patola from patan. It is a colourful and ostentatious weave with its figured body, along with the subtle merging of one shade into another. It is generally worn on auspicious and important occasions.

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Patan Patola Heritage Museum

Patan Patola Heritage Museum, Patan

Run by the multiple-award-winning Salvi family, this purpose-built museum is an excellent place to see Patola silk weaving in action. The family has specialised in double-ikat weaving (a process that their ancestors brought from Southeast Asia) since the 11th century

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Bohra Vad Sidhpur

Bohra Vad Sidhpur, Patan

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Rani Ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav, Patan

Rani Ki Vav, now also a Unesco World Heritage Site is located in Patan district and was built by queen Udaymati to commemorate her husband, Bhimdev I.

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Panchasara Parshwanath Jain Derasar

Panchasara Parshwanath Jain Derasar, Patan

Patan is home to more than 100 Jain temples with exquisite domes and sacred carvings on the walls.

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