Best places to visit in panchmahal
On the eastern edge of Gujarat, is the district of Panchmahal. Given that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park in Panchmahal warrants special consideration. 

Helical Stepwell

Helical Stepwell, Panchmahal

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Kevada Masjid

Kevada Masjid, Panchmahal

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Lila Gumbaj Ki Masjid

Lila Gumbaj Ki Masjid, Panchmahal

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Champaner and Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Champaner and Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Panchmahal

Champaner and Pavagadh are often clubbed together as one of the most engaging historical attractions of Gujarat.

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Pavagadh Hill and Kalika Mata Temple

Pavagadh Hill and Kalika Mata Temple, Panchmahal

At the pick of Pavagadh hill, is the temple of Mother Kali, which is one of the oldest temples of Gujarat, dating from the 10th-11th centuries.

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Dhanpari Eco Campsite

Dhanpari Eco Campsite, Panchmahal

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Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchmahal

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is best combined when visiting these cities. The wildlife sanctuary consists of forested hills with teeming wildlife and avian species.

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The Jami Masjid

The Jami Masjid, Panchmahal

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Nagina Masjid

Nagina Masjid, Panchmahal

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Kevdi Eco Campsite

Kevdi Eco Campsite, Panchmahal

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