Best places to visit in morbi
Morbi, Gujarat is renowned for its ceramic industry. Around 70% of India's ceramics are produced here. Morbi is also known for its production of textiles, chemicals, and metals.

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Morbi

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is the wooded area in an arid zone otherwise devoid of any noteworthy tree growth. The shrubby land interspersed with patches of grasses, harbours large number of species of plants, birds and mammals.

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Royal Oasis Wankaner

Royal Oasis Wankaner, Morbi

Legend goes that the Wankaner town was founded by four friends, including two saints Shahbava and Nagabava. They both saved the town from different calamities at different points in time. A temple and a dargah are present in the town where devotees line up to worship the two till date

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Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge, Morbi

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