Best places to visit in mehsana
The details about the Mehsana city is very interesting. Also, there are several things to see and do in Mehsana that no other cities in Gujarat can offer. Mehsana is one of the largest cities in Gujarat and largest in the region of north Gujarat. It is about 70 kilometers away from Ahmedabad. Mehsana ranks amongst the top in milk production capacity. The city of Mehsana is known for its Mehsani Buffalo and the Dudhsagar Dairy which is Mehsana District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. Tropic Of Cancer passes from nearby Mehsana only on the way between Mehsana & Ahmedabad.


Vadnagar, Mehsana

Located in Mehsana district, Vadnagar is an ancient heritage city that consists of many popular places like Kirti Toran, Hatkeshwar Temple and Sharmistha Lake.

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A fabulous way to experience nature with luxury, Modhera sunrise Resort brings you the most exquisite vacation and wildlife experience while preserving the nature and culture of the land.

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Sun Temple Modhera

Sun Temple Modhera, Mehsana

Located in Mehsana and built in the 11th century, Modhera sun temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Sun.

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Taranga Caves

Taranga Caves, Mehsana

Taranga Hills, 20 km from Vadnagar, on the Aravali range, harbours profound connections with Buddhism. The main idols enshrined in the Taranmata and Dharanmata temples are of Buddhist goddess Tara. Broken terracotta images of Buddha, four carved images of Dhyani Buddha on a stone plate, stone and brick walls inside rock shelters, etc. have been discovered from here.

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Taranga Hill

Taranga Hill, Mehsana

Reaching the hilltop involves a trek. On reaching you can see small shrines dedicated to Buddhist Goddess, Devi Taranamata.

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Shankus Natural Health Centre

Shankus Natural Health Centre, Mehsana

hankus naturopathy centre offers innovative therapies through only certified professionals. Basking in the pollution-free environment of Amipura, Mehsana situated 55 kms away from Ahmedabad, Shankus Natural Health Centre makes use of dietary changes, exercise, bodywork and natural remedies for healing the body from within. We make the most of this profound medical science that eliminates dependence from external sources, always keeping medical science in consideration.

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Modheshwari mata temple

Modheshwari mata temple, Mehsana

Modheshwari Mata Temple is located in Modhera Village of Mehsana District. It is less than 2 Km away from the world famous and known Modhera Sun Temple. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Modheshwari, a form of Goddess Parvati or Durga.

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Kirti Toran Vadnagar

Kirti Toran Vadnagar, Mehsana

The town is famous for its torans, a pair of 12th century columns supporting an arch, about 40 feet tall built in red and yellow sandstone, just north of the walled town. They stand majestically on the bank of Sharmistha Talav, on a road going down from Arjun Bari. They are among the few surviving examples of the entrance gates, once a regular feature of the architecture of Gujarat in Solanki period. The carving style is similar to the Rudra Mahalaya at Sidhpur.

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Nimba Nature Cure And Holistic Village

Nimba Nature Cure And Holistic Village, Mehsana

“NIMBA“, is a unique facility that helps to restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit through modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and contemporary & international therapies which enhance and augment the original.

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Sharmishtha Lake

Sharmishtha Lake, Mehsana

The Sharmishtha Talav is an interesting example of the water retaining systems of the Solanki period, as it is still in use. It is an ancient lake created by the waters of the river Kapila flowing from the hills of Aravalli.

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Bahuchar Mata Temple Becharaji

Bahuchar Mata Temple Becharaji, Mehsana

Becharaji or Bahucharaji is a temple town and taluka capital in Mehsana district of Gujarat state, India. The town is associated with Hindu goddess Bahuchara Mata worshipped as Bala. It is one of the three Shakti Peethas worshipped in Gujarat, the other being Ambaji and Pavagadh.

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Vadnagar Buddhist Monastery

Vadnagar Buddhist Monastery, Mehsana

The recent excavations have brought to light a Buddhist Monastery belonging to the 2nd-7th century AD, within the fortified area of Vadnagar. The monastery had two votive stupas and an open central count yard around which initially nine cells were constructed. The arrangement of cells around the central courtyard creates a swastika-like pattern.

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Hatkeshwar Mandir Vadnagar

Hatkeshwar Mandir Vadnagar, Mehsana

This profusely carved 17th century temple just outside town enshrines Hatkeshwar Mahadev, the family deity of Nagar Brahmins, who were once a prominent community in Vadnagar.

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