Best places to visit in chhotaudepur
Chhota Udaipur, town of 108 temples, is an Indian city in the state of Gujarat. It lies on the edge of a big lake, with a series of temples along the skyline. The town is also famous for its Lake Fatehsagar.

Sankheda Furniture

Sankheda Furniture, Chhotaudepur

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Chhotaudepur Sankheda furniture. Experience the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian furniture.

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Kusum Vilas Palace

Kusum Vilas Palace, Chhotaudepur

Spread across 40 acres, the Kusum Vilas Palace, built in the 1920s, has retained the grand architecture of that era. A large porch, arcaded facade and balanced architectural treatment of the 5-storied central wing and its elegant dome lends a certain indefinable majesty to this royal residence. The beautiful surroundings boast of multiple courtyards, an elaborate marble fountain and exquisitely sculpted statues of Italian workmanship.

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Pithora Painting

Pithora Painting, Chhotaudepur

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Chhotaudepur through the intricate and vibrant Pithora paintings. Explore this traditional art form and its significance in Indian culture.

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