Best places to visit in amreli
The city of Amreli, formerly Amaravalli, is in southwestern Gujarat state, west-central India. It is primarily a commercial center with industries that include the manufacture of khadi (coarse cotton cloth), tanning, silver working, and cotton ginning.

Sana Caves

Sana Caves, Amreli

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Tulsi Shyam Temple

Tulsi Shyam Temple, Amreli

Tulsi Shyam Temple is a tourist center that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Situated in the Una sub-district of the Junagadh District, the temple is found in the center of Gir and lies about 30 km from the Una Town. Known peculiarly for its great scenic beauty, the temple has beautiful hot water springs which are referred to as ‘Taptodak’ in the Puranas.

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Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

Pania Wildlife Sanctuary, Amreli

Popularly known as Chanchai-Pania, this sanctuary is an integral part of the famous Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. Pania Sanctuary was notified in June 1989

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Ambardi Safari Park

Ambardi Safari Park, Amreli

The Ambardi Safari Park situated 7 kms from Dhari, is a Reserved Forest (RF) of Gir Protected Area on the bank of Shetrunji river near Ambardi village. Its undulating terrain, proximity to a large water reservoir and Khodiyar temple make Ambardi a place worth visiting.

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