Brief History

 Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Surya Mandir is a mythical and miraculous Sun Temple. The Sun God present here in the form of a child is unique in the world. Here the first ray of the rising sun falls on God's face. The Padmapurana, one of the eighteen Puranas of Hindu, mentions that the ancestors of those are satisfied who feed the Brahmins and devotees after by bathing in the Suryakund of the temple and offering oblation (arghya) to the God. The water of Suryakund here is so miraculous that it cures many incurable diseases. As one gets relief from eye and skin diseases by offering arghya and prayer at ancient Suryaghat near Guheshwar temple in Pashupatinath in Nepal, the same effect is seen here. Here Bhagwan Mahadev is present in the Omkar form, hence reflects the oneness of Shiva and Aditya.

This temple is mentioned in ‘Ugta Rahjo Bhan’, a book published by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Gujarat. It is believed that Solanki king Bhimdeva-I rebuilt it around 1026 C E. Sun temples were built all over Gujarat during the Solanki rule. This Surya Mandir is situated at Triveni Sangam i.e. the confluence of three rivers -Bhogavo, Sabarmati and Mahisagar. This temple and the nearby village Bhangarh got destroyed due to natural calamities, like the nearby Harappan civilization site of Lothal in Dholka Taluka was destroyed in past. There is also a history that Solanki queen Mother Minal Devi used go on pilgrimage of Somnath Mahadev in Saurashtra by sea route from this place after paying reverence to Bhetadiya Dada here.  She got abolished the ‘mundak-vero’, which was being collected here and was worth 75 lakhs annually at that time. 

According to another legend Bhetadia Bhan is also connected with the history of Maa Sai Nehdi and Veer Evalwala. This historically famous place still stands as a witness to the event as "Mitli no Mal - Ma Sai Nehdi Dham" (Charan Mataji) on the opposite bank of Sabarmati river where Bhetadia Bhan temple is located. The story of this event also mentioned by Shri Zaverchand Meghani in "Saurashtra Rasadhar".

Renovation of Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Sarkar has been done by the surrounding nine villages in the Vikram Samvat 2075, Magashar Sud Bija, on date 08/12/2018, on the auspicious beginning of Suryag Havan. The auspicious occasion was witnessed by about 15,000 to 20,000 devotees of nine villages around Dholaka- Dhandhuka taluka. Bhagwan Surya made his appearance on the earth by breaking the glass into three pieces, which was placed in front him.

Every year a grand event is organized at Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Mandir to commemorate the auspicious Teethi of appearance. On the occasion, a Suryag Havan and ‘Lok diaro’ is grandly organized in the presence of thousands of devotees. According to the Padma Purana, Bhagwan Suryanarayana is present as the Kamanapurti Deva, who fulfils the wishes of every devotee. Hence devotees observe fasting for eleven Sundays. Every Sunday a communal free kitchen is run.

In the courtyard and surrounding area of the temple 5000 trees are planted with the help of the Forest Department of Gujarat government. The Forest Department, for the first time, is going to do grand plantation on the government waste land around the temple. Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Tirth Dham is providing full cooperation and support in this project. Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Tirth Dham is also active on the social media to ensure that all the devotees’ across India and abroad get blessing of Shri Bhetadiya Bhan Dada..

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How to Reach

 Shri Bhetadia Bhan Surya Mandir by Bus
By Road

Temple is well connected with major cities of Gujarat state such as Mehsana (160 Km), Gandhinagar (113 Km), Bhavnagar (89 Km) and Ahmedabad (82 Km) through a road network.

 Shri Bhetadia Bhan Surya Mandir by Train
By Train

The nearest Railway station is Gundi Village, which is around 20 km from Temple and it takes about 30 Minutes to reach.

 Shri Bhetadia Bhan Surya Mandir by Flight
By Air

The nearest Airport is Ahmedabad, which is well connected to the rest of the country by regular flights. Ahmedabad Airport is located at a distance of approximately 87 km from Temple and it takes about 2 hours to reach.

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